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Ethical Theories

This proposal should include an ethical topic that you will critique with one of our main ethical theories (see below). The proposal and annotated bibliography together should be about 250 words – see example below. The bibliography should include a list of a minimum of three academic resources you will use to begin your research on the topic. One of them can be an encyclopedia article ( Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy or Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy) One can be from an credible internet resource such as Crash Course videos or other scholarly, video resource. Depending on the topic, you may use websites or other credible online resources (NO Wikipedia). What will be the best resource will depend on your topic. These resources will form your beginning References (or Works Cited). The bibliography should be annotated, which means that you should explain in one or two sentences why each resource is helpful and how you plan to use it. The proposal should be in be formatted according to the adopted style used in your program (APA, Ethical Therories Aristotelian Virtue Ethics Immanuel Kant’s Deontological Ethics Jeremy Bentham/John Stuart Mill’s Utilitarianism Social Contract Theory Divine Command Theory Or Natural Law Theory John Rawls’ Theory of Justice Ethical Egoism (not psychological egoism) Evolutionary Morality Care Ethics Ethical Relativism Prima Facie Duties (W. D. Ross)

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