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Here’s my essay to contradict a number of Simon’s opinions about music!

Different types of music are available around the world nowadays. People need music for a number of reasons and i believe worldwide pop music is much more important than traditional music.

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Music plays a huge role in various stages in our lives. Music is really a generally trained in grade school, also it enables children to convey themselves by singing or playing a musical instrument. Songs will also be performed at school for learning, which not just enables students to understand the various expressions and vocabularies, but additionally provides them the opportunity to possess a better knowledge of the foreign culture. Music can also be an important component for special events. For instance, it’s difficult to possess a birthday celebration without playing or singing the birthday song, or to possess a marriage ceremony with no proper tune to fill that romantic atmosphere. In a nutshell, music is everywhere and individuals naturally require it in their lives.

From my perspective, traditional music isn’t as crucial as the background music we listen from around the globe. Globalization is really a indisputable fact that is distributing and developing in many parts around the globe. Because of this, worldwide music ought to be recognized for countries to become u. s. enjoy yourself using the latest within the entertainment world. Furthermore, we

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are able to observe that the more youthful generation is a lot more attracted by worldwide pop music also it appears that traditional music will ultimately die. Singers and bands from countries such as the U. s. States, England, and Columbia are broadly recognized and achieving very popular that teenagers from various cultures are actually identifying themselves with your music.