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Environmental Issues

These are the 3 main issues to talk about. Droughts and wildfire, Coastal Danger, and SoCal Air. research where these issues stem from and ways we can help decrease these issues. 1000-1500 words (4-6 pages of text-double spaced) Double spaced, standard fonts, and margins Include at least one map Include at least one associated graphic, such as a table, a photo, or a graph Need to include a minimum of 4 college level sources properly cited. (in-text citations and the corresponding reference list). Sources must be from a credible source, and academic in nature. (no Wikipedia, etc.) Here are 2 sources that must be included. You can also use the APA formatting template The organization of the paper should generally follow the research paper outline submitted earlier. Make sure the file name includes your name (last, underscore, first) then “Paper.” For example: I would name the file, Walsh_Michelle Paper

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