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Employee Error Within an Organization

This essay will require substantial applied analysis: Briefly identify a persistent problem or challenge that was blamed on employee error within your organization (department/unit, past or present). Briefly explain how the “cause” of the persistent problem or challenge was identified. Briefly discuss how the problem was resolved (or handled). Applying what you have read in this class about shared mental models and systems thinking, discuss (in some depth) why “business as usual’ management tends to blame or focus on employee error for errors? From Deming’s perspective, what are the “causes” variation (i.e. errors)? In your answer, be sure to discuss and cite at least three of the books and/or articles that we have used in this course so far as well as one or two additional scholarly or professional publications.) NOTE: Do not use the Denhardt and Denhadt text as one of your sources.  Applying a systems perspective or lens, identify any related (either direct or indirect) actors, agencies, departments, and so forth whose actions, mandates, and responsibilities are interrelated and affect one another. Applying a systems perspective or lens, concisely identify the root cause of the problem within the system and what you now believe you could have done from where you are in the organization (no matter how small) to address the problem or challenge constructively.  

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