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Please answer the following in a minimum of 300 words, submit DOC/PDF files only, and include your name at the top your submission: This week’s notes discussed advertising methods dating all the way back from 3000 BCE to present day forms. They discuss the shift from clay tablets to today’s more modern 15 second spot advertisements on television and the internet. The one thing that becomes very clear is that advertisements are inescapable, especially in today’s digital environment. Nowadays, advertisements have become more personal. They can be based on a user’s search history and interests thanks to tracking algorithms. Whether an advertisement was personal due to tracking or viewed by chance, we’ve all fallen victim to purchasing a product based on an advertisement. Some of these purchases turn out to be successful and good buys, however, other products never live up to the hype and exaggeration of most advertisements. For your assignment, please answer ALL three of the following questions: If you are utilizing outside sources, remember to cite them in proper MLA format. If you struggle with citations, this link should help. Select and describe an advertisement (in any medium, be it television, internet, radio, billboards, subway posters, etc.) that was instrumental in the purchasing of a product. Make sure to describe what the product is here too. 2. What made the advertisement or product that you selected standout to you in particular? What was so effective/convincing about the ad that it made you want to purchase the product? 3. Ultimately, reflect on if the advertisement was accurate. Was the product you received worth purchasing, or did you have a negative experience?

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