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Due Process and Crime Control

Regardless of the crime, a person is accused of, he or she is innocent until proven guilty. Further, everyone must be treated fairly in the system. Fairness is found in the due process right given by the 5th amendment. This means that everyone must have their “day in court” or the right to be heard. Other schools of thought state that crime control is more effective – ie if a person commits the crime, then punish them! This way, others will learn to abide by the law. What do you think is a better approach? Should the system be fair or should the system punish to teach a lesson? The attached chapter discusses the difference between crime control and due process. We will discuss this in class. However, I want you to write a paper on the differences between due process and crime control. You already have the answer – all you have to do is read the attached, research some more online, study and write your paper in your own words and make sure you list your source of information.

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