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Domain Architecture Analysis

Part AR Do a domain architecture analysis on your assigned sequence using all programs posted in resources. 1. Show results from each program. 2. Generate your own consensus for the domain architecture based on this analysis. 3. Generate a final cartoon of the domain architecture of your protein ( draw by hand and take a picture OR use an editing software like word OR use ‘My domains’ –, OR IBS – 4. Discuss any unresolved issues or ambiguities remaining after completing the analysis. Sample analyses in 2 different formats are also attached from previous assignments. Note: These only include the results/analysis, not the discussion, citation, etc. Part B Write a formal methods section for your assignment. Example of how methods are written for computational biology papers was attached in the previous assignment and another example is attached to this assignment Don’t forget to cite your work for both Parts A and B. ABOVE ARE THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE ASSIGNMNET FROM PROFESSOR, BELOW IS MINE: 1) I already did the table and the results, I also draw the cartoon but I am not able to do the analysis, method, discussion extra! 2) You don’t need to add any resources I will put down the links for the program s I used you only need to put them in an CSE citation format. 3) Professor posted PowerPoints about each program so I will upload these and you can use them to do analysis or discussion 4) I will upload the sample that she posted and another sample for my friend that didn’t get good grade so don’t follow any it’s just to give you an idea of how I want this paper to be. The websites I used for the graph and cartoon are: 1) SMART 2) Pfam 3) CDD 4) Prosite 5) Interpro 6) IBS – (For the Cartoon)

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