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Department of Homeland Security

Your work will be checked using the “Safeassign” anti-plagiarism service and will be submitted to the university repository. Respond to each of the four questions. -The Department of Homeland Security has implemented programs to better protect domestic communications systems, power grids, and transportation networks. Identify and describe two of the programs. -In an attempt to gain an upper hand on the cyber-terrorism, the Department of Homeland Security has created different groups of government technology officials to share information in an effort to strengthen computer security and coordinate responses to future cyber attacks. Name three groups and their responsibilities. -A bio-defense mobilization program is essential to ensure the survival of military forces and civilians in the event of a biological attach or a contamination by biological agents. Certain systems need to be in place to ensure such systems are effective. Research such systems, and name three. Explain how these are used and any potential weaknesses they may have. -FEMA highlights the five phases of the emergency cycle (prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery), Of these, which do you feel is the most crucial? First, provide a definition of each phase along with two core capabilities of each (prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery). Next, provide analysis of why you feel one particular phase is the most vital of the five. Lastly, apply your analysis tow at least two examples (one natural disaster and one man-made) that supports your reasoning of why this phase is the most vital.

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