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Culture Change in Long Term Care

Synthesis Blog #3 will call on material from chapter 16, Culture Change in Long Term Care, along with an understanding of your personal attributes and overall self-awareness. Culture change in long term care settings occurs within the patient/resident population, and at the corporate level for the organization’s workforce. The driving force for either of these is a leader. Your textbook highlights that one of the four primary ways to influence the culture of an organization en route to change is to… Model the behaviors that you want to see in the workplace. For this 3rd Blog, select two specific issues—one on the patient side and one on the organizational level within LTC—that both require a cultural shift. [Tip: identify two issues that seem to relate to each other/are interconnected.] Then, vividly describe how you as a long term care administrator would drive the (r)evolution by way of your specific actions. Cultures need to be intentionally and purposefully changed. As the (hypothetical or real) long-standing leader of the organization, you’ve played a role in creating the problematic situations you’ve just presented. How did your actions do that? And, how would your revised behavior serve to set a new course for your staff and patients? You should seek to present an authentic picture of an organizational/staff and resident culture that embodies who you are as an administrator—both as a flawed (previous) and improving/learning (future) leader of change. Finally, turn the tables on yourself. Briefly go through this exercise again, but this time, from the perspective of you as a LTC resident/patient. What type of facility do you envision yourself living in? What’s the problem at hand? How did you (somewhat) help to create it, and how do you plan to fix it?

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