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Cultural Experience

Final Paper Individual Assignment Due date:  July 20, 2020 by 11:59pm Worth 45% of your final grade

Your task:

 Using the stakeholder analysis framework (steps 1-5), prepare an analysis paper of a current issue within health care.

You may choose any current issue within health care – this can include a topic discussed in class. In your paper, you should: •

Include a statement of the issue, aim and time dimension, context and level of analysis.

Describe the different opinions or sides of the argument for the issue. • Identify the relevant stakeholders involved in the issue.
Provide your opinion on the issue, based on the available evidence. The paper must be written in a scholarly manner, and include references from peer-reviewed articles.
Clearly state the purpose and include a strong introduction and a strong summary/conclusion.
Use sub-headings to divide sections. Include your information gathering matrix and influence/power matrix in an appendix (appendices are NOT part of the page limit).
Assignment will be Submitted your assignment to Turnitin. Please refer to the course outline for more information on Turnitin. Referencing: • APA Style 6th Edition.  Formatting: •
14 page maximum (there is no minimum), double-spaced,Times New Roman, 12-point font with 1 inch margins, page numbers. •
Reference page and appendices (e.g. matrices) are NOT included in the 14 page maximum.
Include your name and student number on your assignment.
You are not required to have a title page.
Assignment 3 Rubric: • 20% – Accuracy • 60% – Critical thinking and writing skills (Evidence of analysis and original thought, flow of ideas, grammar, spelling, punctuation – refer to the course outline for more details.) HLSC4850: Current Issues in Health Care Summer 2020 • 10% – Referencing • 10% – Formatting

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