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CSI Effect

This is my thesis research paper. I will be working on the abstract, intro, etc. separately with my counselor. Therefore, only 25 pages are needed of actual research or what is commonly known as the “literature review” part of the assignment. Although I put an order in for 25 pages, I have 4 pages done of some research that I did on my own. It should be easy to add on to what I have written since I just used 2-3 references to speak generally on what the CSI effect is. I plan to break the paper in three sections: The CSI effect and what it means, the advantages of the csi effect on criminal/civil cases in court, and the disadvantages of the csi effect in court. If the content needs to be broken up into additional sections (such as “The Cultivation Theory” which I have seen mentioned in many CSI Effect papers), then that is fine with me as long as all the research ties back to CSI effect and how it affects cases in a courtroom.

Also, I will be attaching any additional information or messages/correspondence that I can find between my advisor and I in regards to the paper.

If the writer ends up writing more than 25 pages, I will gladly add a bonus to the order with no problem.

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