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Counselor Burnout

Topic 7 dq1 Describe the importance of accessing clinical supervision when experiencing issues of transference or countertransference while working with victims or perpetrators of abuse. What must a counselor know about himself or herself before they can begin to work with abuse or neglect? DQ2 Choose a safety concern that a clinician must be aware when working with victims of domestic violence and describe how you would address this issue. Add 4 general discussion answer to the dq 1 and dq2 about 25 words each response Assignment Write a 900- to 1,250-word paper in which you identify symptoms of burnout, contributing factors including frustrations with victims and stakeholders, clinician’s beliefs, and what steps a counselor can take to reduce or prevent counselor burnout when working with victims of abuse, domestic violence, and working with other stakeholders involved with a family history of abuse. You must provide a minimum of two scholarly sources to support your paper.

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