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Comparative Religion

Comparative Religion: Providing information about TWO of the following religious traditions: Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Daiosm, Jainism, Shinto, Confucianism, or Sikhism. This will be evaluated on the basis of content, creativity, organization and clarity. Determine what aspects of the tradition are important for one to understand the tradition. Include information that demonstrates the tradition’s historical and contemporary context and its impact on the world. MUST USE ANY NUMBER OF REFERENCES PLEASE CITE YOUR SOURCES. Images used cannot be copyrighted material. An easy way to find images is through Wikipedia (click on the image and it will let you know data about copyright). Facts that you should include about each Religion: Origin of the religion-Date/Founder Major events that shaped the religion Structure-leadership roles etc. Splinter groups or related groups Famous People who are practitioners: Ex. Freddie Mercury –Zoroastrianism Converts—how to become a practitioner of the religion Celebrations Major beliefs: god/afterlife/women Rituals Customs: ex. Clothing, food, etc. Texts Number and location of practitioners Locations in or around New Orleans Describe the American Presence—how many, where, how do they relate

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