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Community Assessment

Assignment Objectives1. Begin with an overview of your community assessment by defining the community, describing the community (demographics), and listing the strengths and weaknesses of the community and the rationale for selecting your vulnerable population (VP).2. Identify and describe the characteristics and features of the VP and factors in each of the six dimensions of health pertinent to the population (Biophysical, Psychological, Physical Environment, Sociocultural, Behavioral, and Health Care System). Revisit the demographics of your community assessment/windshield survey.3. Identify and include 2-3 Leading Health Indicators and Topical areas that are pertinent to your VP (see Healthy People 2020 {HP2020}). 4. Identify and include pertinent focused assessment data related to the vulnerable population citing your data source such as HP2020, CDC, Medical Expenditure Panel Survey and more (see your text for more resources).5. Identify 3 common health problems or diagnosis of the vulnerable population based on your data and assessment. 6. Target one of the health problems or diagnosis and give rationale for prioritizing the need for nursing intervention based on data (cite the source(s) that inform your decision).7. Implement 2 of the following population health nursing interventions, coordination care/ management, collaboration, community mobilization, and coalition building. Explain your choice and give examples how you will implement the interventions utilizing community resources, public and private agencies and national organizations.8. Describe areas of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention as it relates to the vulnerable population and give examples of each. 9. Describe a population behavior and community weakness that may serve as barriers in implementing care specific to the vulnerable population. 10. Analyze 2 factors, population behavior and community strength that may influence the care of the vulnerable population. Support with evidence-based practice.11. Complete with a summary conclusion of the assignment.Guidelines 1. Your Vulnerable Population (VP) assignment constitutes an important component of this course. It builds on the communityassessment assignment. If the community is the soil providing nourishment for growth and development, the VP is the plant or extension of the community. The VP is influenced by culture, lifestyle behavior, community resources or the lack there of, and community strengths and weaknesses. Rubric for Vulnerable Population Assignment1. Describe the characteristics and features 5% 2. Describe factors in each of the six dimensions of health 10% (Biophysical, Psychological, Physical Environment, Sociocultural, Behavioral, and Health Care System)3. Identify 2-3 Leading Health Indicators and topical areas 5%4. Identify assessment data 10% 5. Identify 3 health problems 10% 6. Describe 1 diagnosis and interventions specific to this population 10% 7. Identify primary, secondary, tertiary prevention. 10% 8. Describe considerations and factors influencing care 10% 9. Implement 2 PHN interventions (coordination care/management, 20% collaboration, community mobilization, and coalition building give examples using community disciplines and resources, public & private agencies and national organizations. 10. APA format compliance 10% 11. Total 100%

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