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Cold War

1. To prepare for this writing assignment, you need to actively read Hollitz, Chapter 9, “Popular Culture as History: the Cold War Comes Home” as indicated in the Learning Module’s Introduction. 2. Complete a CTA on the secondary source (Document 1), “The Culture of the Cold War” by Stephen J. Whitfield. The CTA rubric is in the Learning Module, please follow. 3. Next, as you read the primary sources in Hollitz determine which 3 primary documents most strongly support Whitfield’s thesis (argument/author’s conclusion) and any supporting arguments the author might provide. List these primary sources at the end of the CTA with a detailed explanation for each. Explain why you believe these 3 documents best supports Whitfield’s thesis and evidence. 4. If you choose to quote from the documents, you must use quotation marks and cite the quotation, using document and page numbers. For example: (Document 3, p. 149). Avoiding proper citation is plagiarism. Do not use lengthy quotations; paraphrasing Whitfield’s words or the primary sources demonstrates that you have processed and understood the material. Remember, paraphrasing without proper citation is considered plagiarism as well. 5. Double-space your work, and use 12 points, Times New Roman font. Proof-READ aloud, and put spell and grammar check to work for you. Approximate length: 2 – 3 pages.

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