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Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive Psychology- 1. Explain the mind-body problem, and then explain how Marr addresses this problem. (Don’t just describe what Marr says or his example, but specifically how his framework can address the problem.) 2. A researcher theorizes that 1. a general ability to learn and 2. stimuli in the environment are sufficient for mastery of a cognitive skill. Is this researcher making a nativist or empiricist claim? What would someone in the opposing camp theorize instead? 3. Argue for or against modularity with any one piece of evidence, clearly stating which way you’re arguing. 4. Thinking through the history of psychology, explain any 1 limitation of introspection and any 1 limitation of behaviorism 5. Explain the relationship between the black box and Kantian inference to the best explanation in cognitive psychology. Also explain how this relationship relates to theoretical vs. empirical questions. 6. Imagine that researchers are interested in knowing how language and math abilities predict each other. To figure this out, they looked at last year’s SAT scores and realized the language and math scores were highly correlated. What was the empirical question in this study? 7. Explain in general why the conclusions drawn from Boroditsky’s experiments conflict with each other. 8. Why are optical illusions evidence for top-down processing? 9. Explain how the placement of the fovea coupled with the duration of a saccade limits visual perception, and explain generally how our minds solve this problem. 10. Explain why almost everything we see is visually ambiguous, and explain how Gestalt principles help resolve this ambiguity.

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