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Cognitive Development

Cognitive development occurs as children acquire and process different kinds of knowledge. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) is a term that has been integrated into curriculum plans across the United States as a means to further develop cognition in children. Each of these areas have a strong connection to one another and each are important to incorporate into the early childhood setting. Problem solving and being able to think critically are also important skills for children to acquire in the 21st century. According to Jaruszewicz (2013), “Mathematics and the sciences for children share a focus on inquiry, problem solving, and the development of critical thinking skills through processes and practices that engage them in hands-on explorations” (section, 10.1). Therefore, fostering cognitive development through STEM activities is important in today’s early childhood learning environments In your initial reply, Describe how incorporating math and science into the early childhood curriculum can promote cognitive development in young children. Explain why mathematics and science for young children is no longer primarily a paper-and-pencil activity. Create a plan for a STEM lesson that incorporates either science or math and is hands on, by adding a STEM section to the concept map you started in your Week Three assignment. Attach your concept map to your discussion. Remember, your plan needs to be hands on because according to NAEYC/NCTM (2010), “Developing dispositions and skills through first-hand experiences is essential to a firm foundation for mathematical and scientific thinking” (as cited in Jaruszewicz, 2013, section 10.3). You will further develop this plan by creating a formal lesson in your summative assignment

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