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Classroom Management Plan

This is a description of how you plan on maintaining student behavior and consequences when students choose to misbehave. Include the classroom guidelines you created earlier in the class. Discuss changes made to your previous assignment based on your learnings from this class. List consequences and discipline ladder for misbehaviors. List rewards for appropriate behavior for both individual students and class rewards. Discuss both verbal and nonverbal cues you as a teacher can provide to help students maintain appropriate behavior in your classroom. What visual tracking system will you use to help students behave? How will parents be notified of students’ behavior? See rubric at the end of the syllabus for more details.

I will include an outline of my friends classroom management plan for you to use as a guideline and a paper that I wrote previously that I received a zero on because it looked more like this particular assignment instead of the one I was supposed to be writing.

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