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Cerebrovascular Accident

Case Study:Ms. May, an 80-year-old woman, grew up in a small rural community that did not have fluorinated water until she was in her late teens. She had dental issues throughout her childhood, and by the time she entered college, she had a full upper denture. Ms. May did not have dental insurance, so she only went to the dentist when something hurt. By the time Ms. May retired, her lower teeth were restored with many fillings and crowns. During a recent visit to her dentist, he diagnosed her with inflammatory periodontal disease and recommended that she have routine cleanings every three months to control the biofilm causing her red swollen gums. Tragically, Ms. May had a stroke (right cerebrovascular accident [CVA]) with left hemiplegia soon after, and was sent to a rehabilitation hospital.1. What preventive methods could have helped Ms. May avoid tooth loss?2. Is it possible that Ms. May’s periodontal disease had anything to do with her stroke? Why or why not?3. How should she care for her denture?Activity:Search online for the keywords periodontal disease and general health. Create a bibliography, APA formatting, that shows the link between oral health and general health.Provide a minimum of 8 credible sources including the following- 3 peer reviewed sources- 1 government source (.gov)- 1 education source (.edu)- 3 any from above or other credible source

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