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Butterfly Phenology

After reading the lab and following all instructions, submit your responses to questions 8 and 9 from the Climate Change & Butterfly Phenology webpage. 8. Natural history collections are rich repositories of biodiversity data. We can use information from specimen labels to compile data about phenology. Specifically, the date that a butterfly specimen was collected represents a day during which the butterfly was in flight. Create a scatterplot of butterfly flight date vs. year. Add a trendline including its equation and R2 value. How has the phenology of these butterflies shifted over time? Use the trendline equation to provide a quantitative estimate. 9. How does your estimate of the phenological shift from Question 8 compare to the estimate from Kharouba and Veland that is provided in Table 1 of their article? Why is this? If you need extra help, here is the link of google sites: #Kindly include all the items described in both of the questions (graphs or scatterplot), Read the article I provided in the attached file, I have also given the excel data if you need it for any of the questions. Explain both of the questions thoroughly. If you have any questions, shot me a chat. You do not need to cite anything. Try to write the answers after reading the article, including the trendline equation, and everything else described in both of the questions.

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