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Bureaucratic Proverbs

(taken from Will Shortz, “Puzzle Master” NYTimes) The following are common sayings or proverbs (the kind your grandmother might have told you) that have been translated into wordy bureaucratic language. See if you can translate them back to their original form. You may have to use a dictionary for some of the vocabulary. 1. It is undesirable for one to exhibit lachrymose tendencies, when confronted by a carelessly decanted lacteal substance. 2. A lengthy verbalization, concerning a given subject, is less efficacious, in comparison to a solitary nonverbal depiction of that subject. 3. A member of the avian family that initiates questing for helminthes, prior to that same activity by others of its kind, is more likely to be rewarded with success. 4. Persons with little intelligence and tendencies towards misjudgment are inclined in the direction of little contemplated behaviors, in situations in which extra terrestrial beings are hesitant to take action. 5. An antedated survey of a visual nature is recommended prior to the physical launching of one’s body over a given distance or obstacle. 6. Visitations by a practitioner of the healing arts may be obviated by the expedient of diurnal ingestion of a red or yellow edible fruit. 7. The state of not being in attendance at a particular location gives rise to an incremental expansion of internalized emotions of affection. 8. One is more able, when employing the use of an insect-produced, viscid material, as contrasted with the usage of a liquid obtained by fermentation of dilute alcoholic liquids, to entice and capture certain other insects

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