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Book Report

MUST READ the following book :Dungy, Tony. 2007. Quiet strength. Carol Stream, IL. Tyndale House Publishers.S THIS IS A BOOK REPORTThe report must be 2 – 3 pages in length. The cover sheet is an extra page.The cover sheet must include:Student’s NameDateCourse NumberThe bibliographic citation for the book for which the report is written (use Son of Citation· good grammar, proper punctuation and capitalization, and no spelling or agreement errors, and avoids the second person, slang, inappropriate vocabulary, and contractions· student’s full name, course number, and assignment title in the header of each page· pages numbered (put in either header or footer)· a simple font (e.g., Times New Roman, Arial, Courier) with 12-point type; double spaced.· The student articulates his or her impression of the book.· The student explains how he or she might use what he or she learned from this book and might apply to his or her approaches to teaching or coaching.· The student describes whether he or she would recommend this book to a colleague and why.· Students should keep back-up copies of all work turned in for the entire semester.

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