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–You must have an introduction that includes an attention-getter, background and thesis statement. –The background of your introduction should include a brief description of the three articles and their topics. –You must have a thesis statement that gives a way Alter’s article connects to Staples’s article and a way Alter’s article connects to White’s article. These will be your two main points. –Your thesis points should be specific, narrow and connected to psychological effects. Review the qualities of narrow points and narrow thesis statements from your notes and class activities. Thesis points that only talk generally about discrimination and bad effects are not acceptable. –Each body paragraph should discuss one point from your thesis statement. Ensure that the topic sentence and contents of each paragraph connect directly to the matching point in the thesis. Review our lessons on topic sentences and thesis statements. –Each body paragraph must include a topic sentence with controlling idea, supporting ideas, and a concluding sentence. The paragraphs must demonstrate logic, coherence, cohesion, unity, focus and thoughtful development. –As part of your analysis that shows connections, you should refer to all the articles using paraphrases and short quotes, with appropriate FTR, LTR, and in-text citation techniques. –You must cite correctly according to class instruction and worksheets. Ignoring class instruction or written worksheet instructions on citation, paraphrasing and quoting will result in a failing mark. –The vast majority of your source use must be paraphrases. You may quote very short sections of text if absolutely necessary (3 or 4 words, such as a unique phrase that cannot be paraphrased effectively). Extended quotes are not permitted. –Paraphrases must show significant effort in changing the language to avoid plagiarism. Lack of effort will result in significant deductions or a 0%. –Your body paragraphs should not just be a summary of the articles. You must include exploration and analysis showing college-level depth of thought that explores the connections of the articles to each other in terms of psychology. –You must have a conclusion that includes a developed summary statement and a memorable statement. –Your essay must include college-level thought and analysis. The depth and sophistication of your ideas will impact your mark more than on the previous essay. General language and ideas, or simplistic ideas, will receive very low marks. You must avoid wordiness, clichés, filler language and other style problems discussed in class. –you MAY NOT use personal examples or information in this essay. When expressing opinions and analysis, do not use “I.” You may not use sources not discussed in class. –You may not consult the internet or outside sources. Evidence of consulting outside sources or getting ideas from the internet will result in a plagiarism charge and a 0%. –your essay must include clear, correct grammar, spelling and sentence structure. While I expect grammar and sentence structure at college-level in all sentences, mistakes with language problems we have discussed in class will receive more deductions than other mistakes. Review worksheets on style and transitions, as well as problems with word use that were discussed in class –You must include a Works Cited page as the last page of your essay, with entries for all the articles, done in MLA format according to the Works Cited skills taught in class and available on worksheets and your book. Follow the patterns and the basic checklist. Lack of strong effort to do the Works Cited completely correctly will result in your essay being returned with no comments and a deduction. –Your essay must reflect all skills taught in class, as well as feedback on your previous writing’s weaknesses. A lack of effort to do this will result in a failing mark. Discuss any problems or confusions with me BEFORE the essay is due. I will not take excuses about problems and confusions after your essay has been marked.

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