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Topic: All of our final class material discusses problems with the modern, industrialized food system in America (and the rest of the world). Write an argumentative paper which does three clear things for the audience. First, it must critique one single element of the food system. Second, it must identify an entity/culprit who is to blame. Third, it must provide a solution to at least part of the problem you uncover in your research. **Paper Requirements** *) Your final paper will be 7-10 pages long with exactly one inch margins and only 12 point Times New Roman font. This page count does not include the outline, works cited page, or any additional material—it counts only the paper itself. *) Your final paper will cite the following EIGHT sources Fast Food Nation Food, Inc. Three scholarly books Three scholarly periodical articles NOTE: Your paper will not cite a website or non-scholarly journal unless it is cleared through me personally, and even then, it does not count as one of your mandatory sources. *) Your final paper will follow MLA format and include a Works Cited page and outline. The outline will be the first several pages of the final paper document, and then the paper itself will start on the first full page after the outline is due. Remember: the outline does NOT count toward the page total. *) Your final paper will follow all conventional, mechanical rules of grammar and punctuation. *) Your final paper will be well organized and have a strong, argumentative thesis which the body proves. *) Your final paper will be written by you, in an academic tone, and will be read by others in your class and subject to internet searches to check for plagiarism. *) Your final paper will be submitted as a PDF by the due date

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