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Hi All, Open the external link to this video. it explains what an Argument essay needs and how it should be formatted. access it by clicking on the external link. Assignment Requirements: 4 page essay (does not include works cited page) on a debatable, current topic Times New Roman 12 font double spaced proper heading and title introduction on the topic and where the debate stands and thesis strong well-developed and arguable thesis statement well developed claim, counterclaim, refutation further developed counterclaim evidence of ethos, pathos, logos use of transitions evidence of sources in-text citations summary, paraphrase, and direct quotes properly formatted and alphabetized work cited page Open the Student Example link so you can see how your essay should look. Click on it by accessing the external link. Open the Argument Essay Template 2.docx to use to craft your Argument essay. Please send Word Document drafts only, not Google Docs or Word Online drafts. I will not look at them.

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