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Analyzing & Visualizing Data

A systematic Literature review paper on analyzing and visualizing dataGuidelines There are two main goals to conduct this SLR paper in this course:o Help you toward your PhD thesis. My experience advising many phd students in different universities is that one of the “easiest” approaches to reach the “difficult” task of finding your research subject in your phd is to start by conducting an SLR in your general subject. It can help you as an output of this work to know what are some of the hot topics or trending research subjects in your area of interest. o As a phd student or soon to be graduate, publications are key factors in evaluating your profile. A good SLR paper in this course can be publishable whether in a conference or a journal whether directly or through extending the work after the end of the course· The overall grade for this course paper is 25 or 25% of the overall course grade.· The paper to be submitted no later than June 10th, a firm-deadline. We will follow APA guidelines (Please read relevant material about that) is important to write in your own words. Paper will be evaluated using University integrity checking services.· Systematic Literature Review has a structured approach that you have to follow. You can find online many references on how to conduct SLR. Below is a table as an example describing SLR steps ( As an alternative to the 8 steps described below, minimum steps in SLR can be 5 (see You will be graded based on following one of those two SLR templates in completing each step properly.· You may have issue reaching or accessing some papers. Use University library or any available resources, to the best of your abilities.You can always submit progress documents for me to discuss and evaluate (i.e. before your final submission throughout the semester). In terms of the subjects to pick from, I will create a discussion board for that in which students should not pick repeated subjects and so you can reserve your subject earlier through the discussion board.· Verify with me through an email before finalizing your paper subject· Remember, instead of selecting a paper subject, you can start from framing a question to review or even from few selected keywords.

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