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American Culture

What is American culture?

From the book Survival Kit for Overseas Living read chapter 6, 7, 8, 9, 3 &4 (in that order): readings from Survival kit for overseas living.pdf
Read this article on Teaching culture in the EFL/ESL classroom: Teaching culture in the EFL_ESL classroom.pdf
After reading the above articles and watching the video, answer the questions below and submit to this assignment folder.

Reflective questions about Culture:

What aspects of culture are important to teach and why?
How does teaching culture impact society?
Do values influence culture or vice versa?
Is globalization affecting cultural diversity? Explain.
Do you agree with the author about the American stereo types? In your opinion what is American culture?
Are you the stereo typical American? Elaborate your answer.
Do you have different cultural practices that would be viewed as different from the norm of your community? Elaborate your answer.
What is your cultural identity? What factors have influenced it? (media, community, other factors)

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