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Advantages of Electronic and Mobile Commerce

Please read, consider, and answer the following questions: Chapter 7: 3 – Identify and briefly discuss five advantages of electronic and mobile commerce. Chapter 7: 5 – Identify and briefly discuss three key challenges that an organization faces in creating a successful e-commerce operation. What steps can an organization take to overcome these barriers? Chapter 8: 3 – Assume that you are the owner of a small bicycle sales and repair shop serving hundreds of customers in your area. Identify the kinds of customer information you would like your firm’s CRM system to capture. How might this information be used to provide better service or increase revenue? Identify where or how you might capture this data. Chapter 8: 9 – What benefits should the suppliers and customers of a firm that has successfully implemented an ERP system expect to see? How might an ERP implementation affect an organization’s suppliers? ***Please add questions in***

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