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Accounting Information System

The employees at the Telluride Construction Company enter the work they perform on electronic time sheets using the Oracle ERP payroll module. They can do this at computer terminals at the resort using a smart phone app, or their personal computers. They enter the start and stop times on projects that they are working on and the project code for the project. Everyday at 11:59:59 PM the project data is sent electronically to their Cloud computer provider where it is stored until the next payroll processed. Here are the assumptions for payroll process: 1. Payroll is processed weekly. 2. The electronic project time data updates the payroll database. 3. All net pay payments are made to an employees bank account using direct deposit. 4. No paper checks are processed. 5. Payments are made to: Government payroll tax accounts for the IRS and the State of Colorado. The 401K provider for the pension plan. An electronic payroll register is generated summarizing the payroll disbursement for each pay period. An electronic payroll report for each employee is generated that summarizes the week’s payroll. The link to view this report is emailed on the day that the payroll is posted to an employee’s bank account. Employees can view this report on their computer. A summary payroll report for the week is generated electronically and the link is emailed to the payroll supervisor. Requirements: Using Excel, Visio, or Word, please: A. Prepare a system flowchart showing Telluride Construction Company’s payroll processing. B. Prepare a Business Process Diagram (BPD) for Telluride Construction Company’s payroll processing.

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