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Academic Integrity

1. What part of UMGC’s Philosophy of Academic Integrity meant the most to you and why? What does Academic Integrity mean to you in your own words? 2. Explain the circumstances that led to a case in the Academic Integrity Review & Support system, including how you chose to search for and download another student’s work. 3. What did you hope to gain from copying text from an outside source that could not be gleaned from the assignment instructions? What stopped you from reaching out to your instructor for guidance when you were confused? 4. What did you learn from your previous academic misconduct cases prior to this one in which you submitted plagiarized material to a previous discussion post? 5. What are at least 2 resources you will use in the future when you are confused about how to approach and/or complete an assignment? 6. What new actions will you take in the future to complete fully authentic work? This type of work includes your own ideas, use of others’ ideas only with proper attribution, and your own writing structure and style. 7. How will you work in the future to implement your values of academic integrity and avoid actions that put you at risk of academic dishonesty in the future?8. Overall, what have you learned from this process? What has been the hardest part of the situation?9. What would you tell another student who found themselves at the same point you found yourself when you engaged in prohibited actions?10. What recommendations would you make to the OAIA for improving the academic integrity review process from the student perspective? Please be concrete in your suggestions.

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